The Area

At the Core of the City

The Mid-City Renaissance Project is located at the core of the city and covers 386 acres.  The primary roadway through the project area is via 4th Street.  The center of the Mid-City Renaissance Project is just 0.75 miles east of downtown.  Located approximately a mile and a quarter south of 4th Street is the campus of Pittsburg State University.


A Small-City with Population Growth?

Unlike many small to medium-size urban communities throughout the country, the City of Pittsburg has been experiencing increases in population.  Although the estimates going forward indicate a leveling off, the city is still projected to have a gain since the 2010 Census.


An increasingly educated population.

Another important trend is Pittsburg’s increasing number of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher and the decreasing number of those with less than a high school education.


Income levels increasing, but still lower than State levels.

While resident’s income levels have mirrored the increases at the State level, the levels are still a meaningful level below State averages.  This is trend that may be changing soon, though, with the increasing education levels.




Flood Plain Considerations

Any redevelopment plans for the future of the Mid-City Renaissance Project area will need to take into consideration the flood plain located at the northeast quadrant.  Could this become a unique water feature of the redevelopment?


Post-Industrial Uses

As noted, much of the Mid-City Renaissance Project area was previously used for a variety of industrial uses.  Some of these uses have left behind vestiges of their activities.  These reminders of the past will be important guides for where and how redevelopment can occur.


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