The Mid-City Renaissance Project

As one opportunity fades, another presents itself. Pittsburg’s industrial heritage of  railroads, smelting, coal mining, and clay tile production created a prosperous city. Businesses thrived in the city where rich supplies of coal and clay provided materials. Over the years, changes in technology, resource depletion, and global labor trends led to the closure of industrial operations that once served as the backbone of Pittsburg’s economy.

lydon smelter today and yesterday

Robert Lanyon Zinc Works, 1890 and Today (image courtesy of

Today, many of these remnants of the past are at the core of the city and, because of their historic use, most sit vacant or underutilized. These very lands may hold some of the greatest potential for a cultural and economic rebirth in Pittsburg.  To that end, the City has identified a 380-acre area of underutilized land just east of downtown as the “Mid-City Renaissance Project.” The Mid-City Renaissance Project area is defined by 7th Street at north the end and Washington Street at the south end.  Joplin and Rouse define the east and west sides respectively.

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Area-Wide Planning

EPA has selected the City of Pittsburg as a Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant recipient. EPA’s Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program assists communities in responding to local brownfields challenges, particularly where multiple brownfield sites are in close proximity, connected by infrastructure, and limit the economic, environmental and social prosperity of their surroundings. This program enhances EPA’s core brownfields assistance programs by providing grant funding to communities so they can perform the research needed to develop an area-wide plan and implementation strategies for assessment, cleanup, and reuse. The resulting area-wide plans provide direction for future area improvements that are protective of public health and the environment, economically viable, and reflective of the community’s vision for the area.

About this website

We’ve created this website to share information with you about the development of the Mid-City Renaissance Project.  Here you will find draft reports, charts and graphs, maps, and meeting summaries as they are developed.  Check back periodically for updates and let your family, friends, and neighbors know we’re here.